Nov 17, 2008

Rasmussen Outfitters

So ok - we aren't registered or anything, but we are pretty dang good guides!

This last week Trent took off up north (yes even further up north than we live!) with 10 other guys for an 8 day hunting trip. He said he had a blast seeking, finding, and shooting some great game. Trent unfortunately, along with one of his cousins, came home empty handed! :( He said he's ok with it, because he still has 2 weeks of hunting left down here on the prairies. BUT, he was able to help bring out a few MONSTER bucks!

Travis and Trent were able to seek, find, and shoot the biggest
White Tail Buck that Rasmussen Outfitters has ever seen!

FYI: This next blurp may get a bit gruesome so Reader descretion is advised!

Travis acutally took the shot to the stomach and injured him pretty good, and then off to tracking they went. Some 2 hours and 2 kilometers later (that's over 3 miles for all my yankees!), they finally found him laying down - sheesh! you'd think he wouldn't lay down on the job! Trent found him so he had to put him out of his misery! (there, I kept it a bit PG) Yes, Travis had the first shot and filled his tag - but Remember! It's OUR buck Trav! haha

So even though, Trent didn't fill his tags, he had a great time with all his family and friends. Next time!



As the emails filter in with more of the pictures, I will put them up. Because you HAVE to see the "Ono-Freak-Buck" Story of that to follow!

And here's a great link to see more on The Rasmussen Outfitters:

Nov 15, 2008

My little Cruiser!

So, Blake will be 8 months old next Sunday! I can't believe how fast time flies. He is growing up way way to fast! He has 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on bottom.

Last week, we were at church and he saw some papers that I put on the floor about 2 feet away from him (I was thinking it would take him FOREVER to get to them...duh Tara!) So what did he do, he got up on to all fours - and I mean hands and feet not knees - and practically RAN to them! I was so stunned! I couldn't believe it. After that he decided that crawling was a much easier alternative to laying there and screaming until mama would come and give hime what he wanted. "huh?! I Can get there on my own!?!? WOW!" You can just see the wheels turning!

BUT, his latest.....

Yeah, he's totally trying to figure those out. But Please Bubba! Not for a little while longer k!?

Here's just a few fun ones!

He loves Lacie and Ruger!

Oh and did I mention that he now is working on pulling himself up!

Oct 21, 2008

2 in 1

So, my first couple weeks of October were so jammed - due to an Obligation - that's right! An obligation! 2 must do's in 1 week - well for a Country fan that is!

Yep! 1st Toby!
Then Reba and Kelly!
They were awesome! Trent and I went to Toby Keith here in Lethbridge on October 7 - kinda an early birthday present for Trent! And then I went to Reba on the 10th. But the silly part about that concert was that I drove 800 miles just to see her!! I loaded Blake up in the car - along with a friend and her 2 kids - and I drove to Salt Lake just to see Reba in Concert! Well and of course to see the family! Reba was a bonus to get to go to Salt Lake - my excuse! We stayed down for about 6 days, and then made the long journey back to Canada! It was amazing and I would do it all over again in a heart beat if I had the chance!
Now, I have to wait a whole month to see Carrie Underwood! Man! that is going to be a LONG 10 miles to drive :) haha!

Oct 20, 2008

8 things

So I know I just did the 6 silly quirks, and I haven't written for almost a month (this month was crazy!!!) Anyways - you'll get the lowdown on what went down, don't worry!!!
But until then! here ya go - and a tag at the end for some of you! But if you're not tagged - it would be fun to hear about your 8 anyways!

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2.Desperate Housewives
3. The Office
4. Reba - sadly they cancelled her!!!
5. Bones
6. Prison Break
7. Private Practice
8. Still Standing - once again sadly cancelled but reruns are fun too!

8 favorite places I love to eat
1. My mom's! I love it!
2. At my casa - some good ol home cookin' -aka Trent's cookin' (as long as I don't have to do it!)
3. CheeseCake Cafe - here in Lethbridge
4. Rodizio Gril - in SLC
5. Any kind of Steak house
6. Panda Express - again in SLC (we need one of those in Canada)
7. Pizza Hut - yes I LOVE pizza, but I haven't found any place I like as much as Pizza Hut
8. I've only been there once but I thoroughly enjoyed it - Red Lobster

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I came home from camping - the last trip of the year
2. I was late for sacrament meeting - which I absolutely HATE!!! but thanks need to go to the camping trip
3. I ran around church like a chicken with my head cut off - trying to get ready for the primary presentation is very, VERY stressful!
4. I didn't get home until almost 5
5. Trent and I relaxed and watched a few episodes of Prison Break.
6. I talked to my mama! ( I miss you guys like crazy!)
7. I fed Blake some rice cereal - loves - and then put him to bed
8. I stayed up until 1:30 am - can't seem to get out of that habit!!!

8 things I look forward to
1. Trent's Payday - yeah right, like my mat leave makes any difference ~phff~
2. The Carrie Underwood concert in November
3. The Twilight Movie coming out
4. Going home (to slc) for Christmas
5. Watching Blake grow up. It goes so fast but I love watching how he catches on!
6. More camping next summer - have I ever mentioned that I love camping??
7. My hair to grow out - it takes so long to get a new do!
8. Just everyday being a mom!

8 things I love about Fall
1. The colors
2. Warm cute sweaters and jeans (makes for some great pics)
3. That much closer to the snow!
4. Hunting season - yes I know I am a girl who grew up in the city, but I love hunting
5. The colors
6. all the decorations
7. Thanksgiving
8. lastly - ummmm - did I mention the colors?

8 material things on my wish list
1. A ski boat
2. A cabin on a lake
3. New carpet in my house - who puts stupid burbur in? And WHITE to top it off! ugh~ I hate it
4. A full good lawn next spring for Blake to play on.
5. More money so I can start a food storage - that is so HARD!
6. Jewelry - I have developed - shall I say an infatuation with it - thanks Traci!
7. I would say a bigger Travel Trailer, but I kinda like my crappy little one - and besides I don't have a place to park a bigger one.
8. And lastly - this is gonna sound crazy coming from the girl who would live in a cabin on a lake somewhere and hunt all of our own food if we could but.....I want a Mini Cooper. I first saw it on the movie The Italian Job and fell in love with it - I am VERY willing to take a donated one... anybody? :)

8 people I'm tagging
1. Lets get you started in the Blogging world sister! Erin!
2. Natalie
3. Julie
4. Erica
5. Jamie
and 3 others that don't have a blog.

Sep 24, 2008

6 short months!

Yesterday my baby turned 6 months old! *sob* I can't believe how fast time has flown! He is growing so fast. He now can roll over completely, sits up on his own, eats rice cereal and bottle fruit, and he has 2 teeth! Count them 1 - 2!!! He's getting so big! He is a 100% Mama's boy (and I love it!) He loves being held, he's ticklish, loves hanging out with his dad and the dogs in the garage, and is an all around happy kid! We are so lucky!

We love you Blake!

Love Mama and Daddy!

Sep 17, 2008

6 silly quirks

The Rules (copied and pasted like a true champ):
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks you possess.
4. Tag 6 following blogger by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Ummm….. ok.....
1 – I LOVE sleeping in! Trent hates it – “you waste the day away” yeah yeah yeah. I think I will just stay up later then! I love the feeling of having a good morning of sleeping in.

2 – I pop my gum. And don’t realize it until somebody (mostly Trent or my mom) says something. But it’s an uncontrollable, unconscious habit, and I love doing it. Annoying? Yeah…whatever!

3 – I fidget. Necklaces, fingernails, teeth, hair. You name it, I fidget! I do it the most when I’m bored or REALLY nervous. Trent is always pulling my hands away, but once again an uncontrollable, unconscious habit! :/ Sorry!

4 – I swear I am going to die from an anxiety attack! I give myself one every day! Afraid Trent is going to run over the dogs, afraid the truck is going to roll when we are in a field or on a slight hill, afraid that someone is going to drop Blake, afraid my horse is going to take off on me and I can’t stop her or I get bucked off. But the worst one is: I hear noises in my house that aren’t really there (even when 50 million people are in my house), and my heart goes about 90 miles an hour! You get the picture

5 – My voice travels – a lot! Even when I whisper. But admit it! You love hearing the sound of my voice! Hehe Just kidding!

6 – I am turning in to my dad!! I love you Dad! But we are germifobes! Yes, I have now started following people around my house with liscol too! I hate being sick – I don’t want to take care of a sick Blake (too many times already in his short 6 months). So please, wash your hands, or even better! Take a shower with REALLY hot water and good antibacterial soap before you come over k!?

Alright, so there you go! 6 quirks and I will probably never hear from half of you again! Know that I will hold a grudge for the rest of eternity! :)

6 to tag….. Traci, Ashlee, Jamie, Erica, Kelly, and Emily! Have fun!

Blog away, my blog stalkers!

Sep 11, 2008

I'm proud to be an American!

So I was reading one of my friends' blogs, and she posted about where she was the morning of 9-11-01. Sitting there reading made me remember where I was, what I was doing, and how I felt. So I have to share because I am a very proud American proudly living in Canada. I know it sounds silly, but it's true.

I was getting ready for school that morning - putting the finishing touches on my hair. I always listened to music when I got ready for the day - still do. Everyone in the house was still sleeping. I remember I was singing along to one of the songs and Johnson and Johnson on KBull 93.3 interupted it with a caller. At first I thought it was just a technical mistake, when one of the Johnson's said - over the radio - "everyone - go turn on your tv's" I thought that kind of weird that the Radio DJ was telling people to watch TV, so I went upstairs to the kitchen TV and turned it on. That's when I saw the first Twin Tower full of billowing smoke and a huge hole in the side. I remembered what the building was because me and my mom were in NYC the April before and my dad had told me a little about the building. So I went in and woke up my dad by turning on his TV telling him to watch - I said that it was a plane accident. Just as we turned to KSL, we watched the second plane hit. We sat there, so shocked we didn't know what to say or do, or anything!! I finally asked "Dad, What's happening?" and he said "We're being attacked!" I couldn't believe it! I sat there, unable to move. About a half hour later, my dad told me to go to school to find out what was happening there and if they were gonna send everyone home.
When I got to school - no one had any idea! My computers teacher asked why I was late and I told him "I was watching the news" He laughed at me and told me what a great excuse, but that it didn't work - so I turned on our TV in the room. I just remember the look on his face!
The Whole rest of the day was a blur! For everyone. Every class room had the TV on until about half way through the day when the Administration said to turn them off. But I don't think ANYbody got any work done that day!
I remember being so scared, confused, and MAD!!! My grandpa worked so Hard in WWII to protect this great country, and those men have to go and destroy that!!! But after the anger wore away it was more pride than anything else! We, as a country, came back so strong and proud! We could have drowned in sorrow, self pity, and anger. But we are a stronger country for it! Remember that in the coming Election and BE PROUD to be and AMERICAN!!!

"And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free! Where I forget the men who died who gave that right to me! And I gladly Stand Up, Next to you and defend her still today. Cause there ain't no doubt I love this Land! GOD BLESS THE USA!"

Sep 10, 2008

What do you remember?

I was sitting here going through some blogs (yes, stocking would be the correct word) and I was just wondering what people remember. So....

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and let others post their memories of you!

Play along - it'll be fun!

Sep 9, 2008

Scaredy Cat!

Yep, that's me!! A total Scaredy cat!!! I hate it when Trent is gone, and I am all by my lonesomely in this big, makes all kinds on sounds, scary house!!

Any takers to come stay with me the rest of the week??? Please! I'M BEGGING!

Well, of course I have Blake with me, but he's sleeping!

I have to sleep with the light on in my bathroom.

Oh my Gosh! I'm 24 years old and scared to be alone - oh did I mention scared of the dark too!!

Please pray for me!!!

Aug 31, 2008

The New Project

So, Trent decided that he wanted a project. "So let's brainstorm" he says. What ideas can we come up with for a project?
- Clean his garage
- Flip the axle on the travel trailer
- Clean the carpet in the living room and upper level

"Nope, not good enough" he says.
"Ok,Ok, I give... What kind of project do you want?"
- A new reloading bench
- New benches for his "untidy" garage

Nope, not even close. A 1979 Ford Ranger? Dare I even ask!!!

Alright, as long as he got a good deal! I'm Ok with that! He's got all these dreams and plans for it, BUUUUT I think we'll take it one step at a time!

Nice Ride Trent! Nice Ride!

Aug 26, 2008

Tuesday Tell All- Back to school!

Well in light of it being Tuesday (and I am taking a break from my infatuation with the Twilight Saga) I thought that I would comment on the subject the T.T.A. folks put up.
  1. Earliest memory of School: Believe it or not, I actually remember pre-school! I went to the Rosenlof's house just down the street from mine! I rode my bike down everyday! I had it in the afternoon. I can honestly remember a tid-bit from every grade. Crazy memory!
  2. What I loved about the first week of school: The thing that I loved most was I got to wear a new outfit everyday of that first week! I always tried to do my hair differently too. The second week I dreaded the most cuz all my new clothes were all dirty and even if they were clean, it would be a fo-passe to wear it again! So back to all my old ones. Blah!
  3. My favorite teacher (s): Which school? Elementary: definately Miss Evans - 2nd grade She was awesome! Junior High: Mr. Geertson, my P.E. and Geography teacher - which by the way I am still in contact with - Hey Geerty! High School: My drill coachs cuz that was definately the best subject ever! Hey Terah and Kristy!
  4. My favorite subject: History by far! and then of course my one true love of learning - dance!
  5. My favorite playground game: Well, in high school, I didn't get much playground time *giggle*but I would definately have to say kickball and softball. I even played Rec softball, and kickball in the circle just down from my house with all the neighbor kids!

Aug 25, 2008


So... my posts went backward! I started one on the 20th (and it took forever to finish!) and it published it in the wrong order! So make sure you look at "I'm Gettin' There" first and then "Playing Catch Up" Silly technology!

Aug 22, 2008

I'm gettin there - I promise!

So I know I have been way slackin on this whole posting thing, but I promise I have a novel in the works as we speak - no scratch that - as we type! It's coming full of wonderful pictures and some short but very detailed stories of the past few weeks! But I'm getting there - I promise!!!
To be continued.....

Aug 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up

WOW!! Playing Catch Up isn't nearly the right words that I should use! I am such a slacker... So here is the last month - I'll keep it as short as I can - but your know me! I'm full of details!

So....after the whole kidney stone episode - which I am glad to say is now completely gone! YIPEE! - I recovered for a few days and then off to Kalispell we headed. We did some shoppin - bought us a new digital camera, a new area rug for our front room which was greatly needed, and the few odds and ends sort of things! We also met up with some friends at one of the lakes just outside of Kalispell. We had a blast - they let us try out wake surfing - which by the way is AWESOME!! Try it! You have to! We played some Rock Band and lit fireworks! It was wicked fun and we are so thankful to have such great friends!

Wake Surfing! So fun!

And with that, July 2008 was out for the count!

So - beginning of August: We headed out to Stirling to do a bit'a swimming at the Nilsson casa, and Blake started to get a really red eye - and then.... Came the GOUPE!! Yep! You guessed it! Pink eye! It was so sad. He looked miserable, could hardly sleep, and when he did, he woke up with his eyes practically glued shut! It was the sadest thing for a little guy like him to endure! I took him to the doc and got some drops to help and in about 3 days flat - it was gone! I have some extra drops though just in case!

August Long - In Alberta anyways - We headed out to Payne Lake with Tarren, Tim, Ashlee, soon to be Baby Nilsson, Julie, Kendall, and Kyla. Trent, Tim, and Kendall did a bit'a fishin, but came back with a little dinky thing that looked like a fish, but I swear was a mino! (for those of you who don't know what that is - it's a baby fish :) ) Trent always says that he doesn't believe that there is any fish in that lake - but I'm beginning to think that it's the fishermen - note the plural. Just kidding
Anyways, as usual when we all get together - there's definately some shootin' going on. We went and did a bit of gopher hunting on Grandpa Broadhead's land, got a nice sunburn on the right side of my legs, and got some yummy ice cream from the only convienience store in Mountain View. And back to camp we headed for some eatin's and good ol' Roman Candle fireworks! We had to head out early Tuesday morning, because somehow - the bills gotta get paid!! It was a great weekend planned on such short notice!

Well, then came 08-08-08! Trent's 10 year high school reunion! AAHH He couldn't believe it! Thank goodness I still have 4 years to work up the courage to go to mine!

After a great dinner and some long needed visiting with old friends, Trent and I headed to the ig SLC for Baby Erin's WEDDING!! another AAHH! The whole week there as Fabulous! We were jammed pack!

Saturday 08-09 - the fam was so kind as to throw Erin and I a "Bridal/Baby" Shower. Tons of great games and great gift for Blake! *Thanks so much fam! Miss you all!*
And then off to the temple for Erin's Endowment and some eternity wrapped things up! Let me explain! Erin got to share the day of her endowment with my Grandma Coburn! We did her endowment as well, and then had my Papa Jay and G-ma sealed together - which was followed by my mom - which also includes the rest of us - sealed to them as well! It was an amazing day and my testimony gets stronger and stronger every time I think about it.
Then on to wedding stuff for the next 4 days! It was amazing! Congratulations E & E!!
Love you both!

After that came on full and flat out Chill-axin! We hung around the house the next few days doing stuff as a family! Went and looked at 5th wheels with my folks, went to the Brothers' Blue and White football game! Go Greg!!! Go Nate!!! And did some visiting with some old friends from Trent's mission!
All in all - with quite a few details left out- it was a great week and so hard to leave!

The whole Fam! Love you all

Well, we figured to end our August what better way do it then to.... Go CAMPING! (I know surprise surpirse right!?) And so convieniently, It was the Montey Rasmussen Family Safari Reunion! It was great fun! Went on a hunting trip (with stuffed animals - good Idea Ty!), did some fishing, played some animal Charades, and stayed up til all hours of the night talking!

What a great way to end August!!!

The campsite!

Blake's tagged Animal for the hunt

And the whole Rasmussen family - minus 3!

Well! now that I officially have writers cramp - make sure you check out the picture links to facebook to check out more photos of our summer so far!

Enjoy and once again - BLOG AWAY!

Jul 18, 2008

Kidney Stone: Be-Gone!!!

Officially, as of yesterday afternoon - The kidney stones are GONE!!! I saw a specialist on Tuesady and he told me that the best way to get rid of them is to have them "scoped" out. I told him whatever needed to be done - just do it! So I went in for an out-patient surgery yesterday to have them removed.
HORRAY! They are gone - now the trick is to learn the tricks to keep them from coming back. As soon as they get the reports back, we should know what caused them in the first place.
My stone was about the size of the
middle stone in the pic -->
We tried to get a picture of it but it just
wouldn't take - Sorry.

And so ya know - I would never wish this on my worst enemy - so just know that I thought of all of you *grin*

Big smiles from me and Blog away!

Jul 16, 2008

Tell All Tuesday

Well - I have decided to start Tell all Tuesday. It is a blog that my sister linked to just for fun - so I thought "What the Heck - why not?"
So here is my Tell All Tuesday - even though it is Wednesday:

Why... Yes. Yes I do! And I love it! I work out at GoodLife Fitness Club for Women. They have amazing classes and a great weight program. I love the group setting - considering I danced with nothing less then a GROUP growing up - so the classes are FAB. They are Les Mills. A company based out of New Zealand - which by the way is the Most fit country in the world - so they are guarenteed to work! And they do. I used to teach Body Jam, the dance aerobic class, but am currently just attending all of them. They have so many different ones so you can never get "bored" with your workout!
And then there is all the "do it yourself" machines! A program called the Fit fix - kinda like a curcuit but 10x better! and of course the cardio machines, free weights, personal training - which I love! And just an added perk - yes Tanning and a hot sauna! They have childminding so I can take Blake and still be right there if he needs me!
I go with a couple of friends - Shout out to Hailey and Shelly! and am currently "personal training" them - ok so I'm not getting paid, *sigh* but Hailey does feed me every once in a while, so that's payment enough for me! It definately makes me push harder when I have somebody else to motivate! 1 week left girls! You can do it! Don't you just love a good work out!?

If any of you other Bloggers are interested in the Tell All Tuesday - the link is "to the left, to the left"
Blog Away!

Jul 3, 2008

Any Takers?

Does anyone want to trade me something for a kidney stone??? I had an x-ray last week and it turns out that I have 1 floatin' around in the kidney, and the possiblity of more......that's just peachy. We'll have to see what the specialist says now. So........ any takers? (nothing to serious though k!?) :)

Jun 24, 2008

A week in Review

Well! It's been a while! I'm a slacker, I know.

First- Our Summer of Camping has been good. A couple weekends ago, we headed off with the Nilsson Clan to Woolford National Park. Nothing to spectacular, but hey - it was cheap and close! Our Camp Site!

We couldn't do much, so we just hung out Friday night around the site - it was quite windy! And then Saturday we headed into Cardston to meet up with the Allred Clan for lunch (we miss the Allred Clan!) Well, as most of you know, our 3 men really, REALLY like guns and shooting stuff so - we went out to the M & M Rasmussen farm - aka Trent's parents - to find some gophers. And find them we did! I bet you those 3 maniacs shot close to 200 gophers, and didn't even touch a quarter of the population!

There's Trent, Kendall, and Tim

while Julie, Ashlee, and I drove them around the fields.

Like I said, it was nothing to spectacular, but at least we got away for a few days! Gotta save up for the big trip to Kalispell.

And Secondly:

Well, we HAD plans to go camping again last weekend, but that fell through - no thanks to me!! Last Wednesday morning I woke up with some major pains in my left kidney and nausea! Now, I had kidney stone problems when I was pregnant - which I am told is very prominant in pregos - so any of ya out there - watch out! Anyways - this pain felt the exact same, except in the opposite kidney! Well, off to the medicine cabinet I went to grab the heat bag and some tylenol to see if I could get it under control, and it actually worked......until Thursday morning that is! Around 2 a.m. it all started again. And this time there was no stopping it! I could hardly sleep, I was sick to my stomach, and couldn't keep anything down - not even water! So around 10:30 I called the Dr and got in that afternoon. He immediately admitted me into the hospital where I spent a very lovely weekend .... *sense the sarcasim?* They hooked me up to IV's to get fluids in me so I would stop "losing my breakfast" and get the pain under control. I was scheduled for an ultrasound Friday morning - which by the way I STILL do not have the results from and here it is Tuesday! - And then Saturday morning the doctor told me that I could either sit there all weekend or go home. By this time, I was back to eating solid foods and drinking regular fluids, so I decided I would like it much more to be able to rest in my own home and lift my son without a stinkin' needle in my arm! Do you know how hard that is!?!? Trent was really great through all of it - took a couple days off work to help take care of me and Blake. Which by the way, Blake LOVED hanging out with his daddy for a few days! Trent even slept on the dumb Chair Cot the hospital gives to the loved ones staying with us sicklings.

So, as of right now, I am playing the waiting game until they can figure out what the heck was wrong with me!

So, now that I've typed your eyes out - I will leave you wil a little pic of Blake hanging out with me on the hospital bed. The only pic we took in the hospital - you DON'T want to see the sight! TTFN!

Jun 9, 2008

The New Addition!

Well everyone! A week and a half early, our new addition has arrived! Meet The Real McCoy! He was born late on Friday night - June 6, 2008! A colt - just what Trent wanted! He is (as you can see) a beautiful Bey. No markings at all, but his back right hoof is white - meaning a possible sock, but highly doubtful.

So here's how the news unfolded to us: Montey (Trent's dad) called us EARLY Saturday morning to tell us the great news. He hadn't gotten her into the barn yet as she wasn't due until the 18th. So it was a quick "you've got a colt! gotta go!" Trent and I layed in bed talking about how excited we are and trying to think of a name - which by the way, is 10 times easiler than naming a child! We decided that we wanted to stick with the M names and also with a bit'a western. Just laying there, pondering - all the sudden Trent said "McCoy!" and it stuck! So the registered name will be The Real McCoy but will go by just McCoy.

We headed out to Cardston Saturday afternoon to meet our long awaited friend - and of course clean out a box stall so Momma and baby had a nice dry place to get settled. Monique was really great - very protective which is normal, but she didn't seem to mind to much if we got close. McCoy is incredibly friendly. And so soft! He has a nice Arabian trait with a dished head - lets just hope he gets his Sire's mane and not Monique's. Crossing my fingers - her's is so short and hardly managable! But I'm sure he will be beautiful!

If you Click the link HORSES under the pictures section - you can view more pics of McCoy.

So, now we are no longer Trent, Tara, Blake, 2 dogs, and 2 3/4 horses! Welcome #3: THE REAL MCCOY

Jun 5, 2008

Welcome Rasmussen's!

Hello there and Welcome us to the Blog! My sister gave me a guilt trip for not having a blog- and since she just joined facebook - I figured I better follow in her footsteps! So here we are. :)

A little about me and mine:

Trent and I were married in May 2003 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada and are now living in Lethbridge AB. For the first 2 years, we played- A LOT! Because I wasn't working, we would pick up and head to Cardston, where our horses are, and just ride, ride, ride. But then, I got my permanent residence - and to the work force I went.
We worked hard! We were both pulling 12 hour days, working weekends - but it all payed off and last April (early anniversary present to ourselves) we went to Hawaii for 10 days! It gorgeous and we will definately go back!
In June of last year we bought our first home and then in July, we found out that our family would be expanding - in a couple of ways - but just hold your horses! I will get to that~ Anyways, July 27 we found out I was pregnant! My due date was March 16, and our surprise came on March 23, 2008. We didn't find out the gender of our baby for a few reasons: Trent didn't want to, and I went through so much with the pregnancy that by week 19 when we went for the Ultrasound I decided that I needed the Surprise at the end! I was sicker than a dog, got hives and kidney stones, and ended up in the ER twice for dehydration - and yes I was taking care of myself...I PROMISE! Anyways, with all of that - I'd do it again, because Blake is the most amazing little baby! So content just to be with his Momma!
~oh and the next reason that we found our family would be expanding was my horse, Monique, is expecting a foal on June 18 - only a couple weeks to go! When the baby comes I will let you all know what we have and post some pics.
So, as of right now, we are loving life as a family of 3, with 2 dogs and 2 3/4 horses!!