Jun 9, 2008

The New Addition!

Well everyone! A week and a half early, our new addition has arrived! Meet The Real McCoy! He was born late on Friday night - June 6, 2008! A colt - just what Trent wanted! He is (as you can see) a beautiful Bey. No markings at all, but his back right hoof is white - meaning a possible sock, but highly doubtful.

So here's how the news unfolded to us: Montey (Trent's dad) called us EARLY Saturday morning to tell us the great news. He hadn't gotten her into the barn yet as she wasn't due until the 18th. So it was a quick "you've got a colt! gotta go!" Trent and I layed in bed talking about how excited we are and trying to think of a name - which by the way, is 10 times easiler than naming a child! We decided that we wanted to stick with the M names and also with a bit'a western. Just laying there, pondering - all the sudden Trent said "McCoy!" and it stuck! So the registered name will be The Real McCoy but will go by just McCoy.

We headed out to Cardston Saturday afternoon to meet our long awaited friend - and of course clean out a box stall so Momma and baby had a nice dry place to get settled. Monique was really great - very protective which is normal, but she didn't seem to mind to much if we got close. McCoy is incredibly friendly. And so soft! He has a nice Arabian trait with a dished head - lets just hope he gets his Sire's mane and not Monique's. Crossing my fingers - her's is so short and hardly managable! But I'm sure he will be beautiful!

If you Click the link HORSES under the pictures section - you can view more pics of McCoy.

So, now we are no longer Trent, Tara, Blake, 2 dogs, and 2 3/4 horses! Welcome #3: THE REAL MCCOY


Kendall & Julie Allred said...

He is soo adorable!! Love him and his cute name

Mark and Jess said...

hey tara! congrats with the babies and stuff.. it's good to read about you and catch up on your life! mark and i are going to waterton in a couple of weeks for a family vacation, and my mom suggested we go see you. i'm not sure what the schedule is like so we'll have to keep in touch on that.. see ya!