Jul 3, 2008

Any Takers?

Does anyone want to trade me something for a kidney stone??? I had an x-ray last week and it turns out that I have 1 floatin' around in the kidney, and the possiblity of more......that's just peachy. We'll have to see what the specialist says now. So........ any takers? (nothing to serious though k!?) :)


Ashlee said...

Hmmm, what can I trade you for? Puking for another 7 weeks - nah that's better than a kidney stone. Feet so swollen you can't walk or stand - nah kidney stone still worse. I know, perhaps the labour I'll have to go through in around 7 weeks - nah kidney stone STILL worse cuz at least at the end of the labour I'll have something amazing to hold and you'll only have a stone in a strainer to hold.

Get Good Tara!! hehe

all Because two people fell in love... said...

I have thought long and hard about this. I agree with the last one, EVEN labor is better than kidney stones! I have had them, and they are no freakin' picnic! I have been in your shoes and don't want to endure that anytime soon. Wish you guys were coming for the reunion...you are the ONLY one not gonna be here! :(

Shaylan & Traci said...

Well... let me think. Right now I have no physicaly ailment to give and I don't think that I would be able to handle the pain. I am a sissy. Miss you tons sis. Hope to see you soon.:)

The Sweet Life said...

I'm so glad you have a blog-I've been wondering about you and your little one! HE IS ADORABLE! I am so glad we can keep up with each other through blogging. It is so neat to see what you've been up to, and how cute your little family is!