Jul 16, 2008

Tell All Tuesday

Well - I have decided to start Tell all Tuesday. It is a blog that my sister linked to just for fun - so I thought "What the Heck - why not?"
So here is my Tell All Tuesday - even though it is Wednesday:

Why... Yes. Yes I do! And I love it! I work out at GoodLife Fitness Club for Women. They have amazing classes and a great weight program. I love the group setting - considering I danced with nothing less then a GROUP growing up - so the classes are FAB. They are Les Mills. A company based out of New Zealand - which by the way is the Most fit country in the world - so they are guarenteed to work! And they do. I used to teach Body Jam, the dance aerobic class, but am currently just attending all of them. They have so many different ones so you can never get "bored" with your workout!
And then there is all the "do it yourself" machines! A program called the Fit fix - kinda like a curcuit but 10x better! and of course the cardio machines, free weights, personal training - which I love! And just an added perk - yes Tanning and a hot sauna! They have childminding so I can take Blake and still be right there if he needs me!
I go with a couple of friends - Shout out to Hailey and Shelly! and am currently "personal training" them - ok so I'm not getting paid, *sigh* but Hailey does feed me every once in a while, so that's payment enough for me! It definately makes me push harder when I have somebody else to motivate! 1 week left girls! You can do it! Don't you just love a good work out!?

If any of you other Bloggers are interested in the Tell All Tuesday - the link is "to the left, to the left"
Blog Away!

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Tim & Ashlee Nilsson said...

I'd probably have my baby right then and there if I ever tried to do something super active these days. Heck, it feels like I'm having my baby even if I just sweep the floor. Which by the way are in quite a need of sweeping!!

Got the counter to work eh? Yay!