Jul 18, 2008

Kidney Stone: Be-Gone!!!

Officially, as of yesterday afternoon - The kidney stones are GONE!!! I saw a specialist on Tuesady and he told me that the best way to get rid of them is to have them "scoped" out. I told him whatever needed to be done - just do it! So I went in for an out-patient surgery yesterday to have them removed.
HORRAY! They are gone - now the trick is to learn the tricks to keep them from coming back. As soon as they get the reports back, we should know what caused them in the first place.
My stone was about the size of the
middle stone in the pic -->
We tried to get a picture of it but it just
wouldn't take - Sorry.

And so ya know - I would never wish this on my worst enemy - so just know that I thought of all of you *grin*

Big smiles from me and Blog away!

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Kendall & Julie Allred said...

I feel for you Tara, I've heard that it is terrible. Hopefully now they will figure out what caused them so you won't have to go through all this ever again. Good thing your tough;)
Luv ya