Jun 5, 2008

Welcome Rasmussen's!

Hello there and Welcome us to the Blog! My sister gave me a guilt trip for not having a blog- and since she just joined facebook - I figured I better follow in her footsteps! So here we are. :)

A little about me and mine:

Trent and I were married in May 2003 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada and are now living in Lethbridge AB. For the first 2 years, we played- A LOT! Because I wasn't working, we would pick up and head to Cardston, where our horses are, and just ride, ride, ride. But then, I got my permanent residence - and to the work force I went.
We worked hard! We were both pulling 12 hour days, working weekends - but it all payed off and last April (early anniversary present to ourselves) we went to Hawaii for 10 days! It gorgeous and we will definately go back!
In June of last year we bought our first home and then in July, we found out that our family would be expanding - in a couple of ways - but just hold your horses! I will get to that~ Anyways, July 27 we found out I was pregnant! My due date was March 16, and our surprise came on March 23, 2008. We didn't find out the gender of our baby for a few reasons: Trent didn't want to, and I went through so much with the pregnancy that by week 19 when we went for the Ultrasound I decided that I needed the Surprise at the end! I was sicker than a dog, got hives and kidney stones, and ended up in the ER twice for dehydration - and yes I was taking care of myself...I PROMISE! Anyways, with all of that - I'd do it again, because Blake is the most amazing little baby! So content just to be with his Momma!
~oh and the next reason that we found our family would be expanding was my horse, Monique, is expecting a foal on June 18 - only a couple weeks to go! When the baby comes I will let you all know what we have and post some pics.
So, as of right now, we are loving life as a family of 3, with 2 dogs and 2 3/4 horses!!


Our Ohana said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! It's a nice way to keep the fam in the know, especially when you have kids. Does Tracy have a blog? I found it funny that she is JUST NOW getting on Facebook!!!

RGeertsen43 said...


When I actually do meet your husband, he better know the full meaning and story behind these two words: "FOUL BALL"

I am glad that you are doing so well, you have a very cute family.


Ashlee said...

Totally love that you have a blog now. Not that we don't keep in contact or anything (hehe).

moosh in indy. said...

Congratulations on your new babies.

alfburg03 said...

Tara! I am so glad to see how you are doing. I hope you get over your illness aand that it is nothing serious. Blake is adorable and I am so jelous of your horses. I love to ride, but it had been a very long time for me and I don't anticipate it any time soon. We are stuck in the city life for a while although we are in a small town (small for LA anyways), but safe and quiet. We are just 8 miles through a beautiful canyon away from Malibu and the beach. We are excited to move to a more economical area. Rent here stinks and affording a house is impossible unless you are able to pay the mortgage on a million dollare home - and thats is a small but nice three bedroom two bath around here. EEEK! Well I was nice to read you blog.