Aug 26, 2008

Tuesday Tell All- Back to school!

Well in light of it being Tuesday (and I am taking a break from my infatuation with the Twilight Saga) I thought that I would comment on the subject the T.T.A. folks put up.
  1. Earliest memory of School: Believe it or not, I actually remember pre-school! I went to the Rosenlof's house just down the street from mine! I rode my bike down everyday! I had it in the afternoon. I can honestly remember a tid-bit from every grade. Crazy memory!
  2. What I loved about the first week of school: The thing that I loved most was I got to wear a new outfit everyday of that first week! I always tried to do my hair differently too. The second week I dreaded the most cuz all my new clothes were all dirty and even if they were clean, it would be a fo-passe to wear it again! So back to all my old ones. Blah!
  3. My favorite teacher (s): Which school? Elementary: definately Miss Evans - 2nd grade She was awesome! Junior High: Mr. Geertson, my P.E. and Geography teacher - which by the way I am still in contact with - Hey Geerty! High School: My drill coachs cuz that was definately the best subject ever! Hey Terah and Kristy!
  4. My favorite subject: History by far! and then of course my one true love of learning - dance!
  5. My favorite playground game: Well, in high school, I didn't get much playground time *giggle*but I would definately have to say kickball and softball. I even played Rec softball, and kickball in the circle just down from my house with all the neighbor kids!

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