Oct 21, 2008

2 in 1

So, my first couple weeks of October were so jammed - due to an Obligation - that's right! An obligation! 2 must do's in 1 week - well for a Country fan that is!

Yep! 1st Toby!
Then Reba and Kelly!
They were awesome! Trent and I went to Toby Keith here in Lethbridge on October 7 - kinda an early birthday present for Trent! And then I went to Reba on the 10th. But the silly part about that concert was that I drove 800 miles just to see her!! I loaded Blake up in the car - along with a friend and her 2 kids - and I drove to Salt Lake just to see Reba in Concert! Well and of course to see the family! Reba was a bonus to get to go to Salt Lake - my excuse! We stayed down for about 6 days, and then made the long journey back to Canada! It was amazing and I would do it all over again in a heart beat if I had the chance!
Now, I have to wait a whole month to see Carrie Underwood! Man! that is going to be a LONG 10 miles to drive :) haha!


Clay and Erica said...

Looks like you've been having fun. I like going to Salt Lake too. We'd go more often if we had a better vehicle. Hope it was a blast. What are your plans for halloween. I dont know about Clay but I'd love to see all the little kids I know around here. Esp. blake, he's one of my fav, but dont tell ;) hehe. So let us know where you guys will be at if ya want. - ERICA

Lynn said...

Hi! I just took a look at your blog for a bit. Will catch up more on it later.

I just had to take a minute to introduce myself. Trent's dad and my mom (Roselynn) are cousins. I loved having Uncle Monty and Aunt Melodie living in the same town and ward as me when I was a teenager. Aunt Melodie was the COOLEST Young Women's advisor ever! In fact I still have all her handouts from her classes.

Anyway....maybe Trent could correct me if I am wrong, but he was a baby in a walker and ended up in the hospital here in Calgary when he fell all the way down the stairs in his walker. A head injury. My mom and I went to visit him and Aunt Melodie while they stayed in the children's hospital. That was the LAST time I ever saw Trent. (If he is the baby I am thinking about. I could be totally wrong here. Is he number 10?) When I saw his picture with you on your profile....it kind of hit me how OLD I am! LOL!

You two are really cute. I've enjoyed taking a peak at your family life. (Got the link from Trent's Aunt Darlene) e-mail me sometime and I will send you an invite to our family blog.

Eric and Erin Wilkin said...

Hello sister! I do have to say that Reba was soooooooo fun! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks