Oct 20, 2008

8 things

So I know I just did the 6 silly quirks, and I haven't written for almost a month (this month was crazy!!!) Anyways - you'll get the lowdown on what went down, don't worry!!!
But until then! here ya go - and a tag at the end for some of you! But if you're not tagged - it would be fun to hear about your 8 anyways!

8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2.Desperate Housewives
3. The Office
4. Reba - sadly they cancelled her!!!
5. Bones
6. Prison Break
7. Private Practice
8. Still Standing - once again sadly cancelled but reruns are fun too!

8 favorite places I love to eat
1. My mom's! I love it!
2. At my casa - some good ol home cookin' -aka Trent's cookin' (as long as I don't have to do it!)
3. CheeseCake Cafe - here in Lethbridge
4. Rodizio Gril - in SLC
5. Any kind of Steak house
6. Panda Express - again in SLC (we need one of those in Canada)
7. Pizza Hut - yes I LOVE pizza, but I haven't found any place I like as much as Pizza Hut
8. I've only been there once but I thoroughly enjoyed it - Red Lobster

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I came home from camping - the last trip of the year
2. I was late for sacrament meeting - which I absolutely HATE!!! but thanks need to go to the camping trip
3. I ran around church like a chicken with my head cut off - trying to get ready for the primary presentation is very, VERY stressful!
4. I didn't get home until almost 5
5. Trent and I relaxed and watched a few episodes of Prison Break.
6. I talked to my mama! ( I miss you guys like crazy!)
7. I fed Blake some rice cereal - loves - and then put him to bed
8. I stayed up until 1:30 am - can't seem to get out of that habit!!!

8 things I look forward to
1. Trent's Payday - yeah right, like my mat leave makes any difference ~phff~
2. The Carrie Underwood concert in November
3. The Twilight Movie coming out
4. Going home (to slc) for Christmas
5. Watching Blake grow up. It goes so fast but I love watching how he catches on!
6. More camping next summer - have I ever mentioned that I love camping??
7. My hair to grow out - it takes so long to get a new do!
8. Just everyday being a mom!

8 things I love about Fall
1. The colors
2. Warm cute sweaters and jeans (makes for some great pics)
3. That much closer to the snow!
4. Hunting season - yes I know I am a girl who grew up in the city, but I love hunting
5. The colors
6. all the decorations
7. Thanksgiving
8. lastly - ummmm - did I mention the colors?

8 material things on my wish list
1. A ski boat
2. A cabin on a lake
3. New carpet in my house - who puts stupid burbur in? And WHITE to top it off! ugh~ I hate it
4. A full good lawn next spring for Blake to play on.
5. More money so I can start a food storage - that is so HARD!
6. Jewelry - I have developed - shall I say an infatuation with it - thanks Traci!
7. I would say a bigger Travel Trailer, but I kinda like my crappy little one - and besides I don't have a place to park a bigger one.
8. And lastly - this is gonna sound crazy coming from the girl who would live in a cabin on a lake somewhere and hunt all of our own food if we could but.....I want a Mini Cooper. I first saw it on the movie The Italian Job and fell in love with it - I am VERY willing to take a donated one... anybody? :)

8 people I'm tagging
1. Lets get you started in the Blogging world sister! Erin!
2. Natalie
3. Julie
4. Erica
5. Jamie
and 3 others that don't have a blog.

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