Aug 31, 2008

The New Project

So, Trent decided that he wanted a project. "So let's brainstorm" he says. What ideas can we come up with for a project?
- Clean his garage
- Flip the axle on the travel trailer
- Clean the carpet in the living room and upper level

"Nope, not good enough" he says.
"Ok,Ok, I give... What kind of project do you want?"
- A new reloading bench
- New benches for his "untidy" garage

Nope, not even close. A 1979 Ford Ranger? Dare I even ask!!!

Alright, as long as he got a good deal! I'm Ok with that! He's got all these dreams and plans for it, BUUUUT I think we'll take it one step at a time!

Nice Ride Trent! Nice Ride!

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