Jun 6, 2009

Knock, Knock?

Tara, are you there? Hellooooo!? Tara? where are you?

That is probably what a lot of you if not all have been saying to me the past.. what? Month and a half? yeesh! Sorry faithfuls! I update facebook quite often, but that only takes a few minutes. This I have to try to come up with something witty or cute . So, bloggers block you ask? Yeah, I'd say!

So, in the last month or so.... I have been staying really busy with Lia Sophia Jewelry. And loving every minute! I get to see all the different pieces that people buy, and then open my day planner to my "To Do/Get" list, and add yet another item - or five.
Let's see.....I got a new calling *sob/smile* After 5 years serving in the Primary - first being the Chorister for 8 or so months, then 2nd counselor in the Presidency for 2 years, and then as President for another 2. I am now the Education counselor in the Relief Society. I am sad to leave the Primary - believe me I bawled! - but I am so excited for the change and the growth! We just got new Sunday School teachers, so that is going to be exciting, and now I get to work with all the moms of those precious children of God that I grew to love.
I'm nervous. I haven't been there for 5 years! What if I'm not a good adult kind of leader? I work really well with the kids - and if I ever had to wing it, the kids never even knew the difference. Oh boy.... What if I don't have the ability to help lead our relief society where the bishop and RS pres wants it to go? I know that change is good. For everyone. Me, the children, the women in our ward, my family. And I know the Lord knows what he's doing, but I feel like I don't!

Blake is growing and learning so fast. No words yet, but he knows what we are saying, and he's starting to "mock" us. He just had his 12th tooth come in this last week! All four molars are in and as big and painful for those little gums as ever! I'm just glad we don't remember that pain. He's running around, trying to walk down the stairs instead of slide, and he loves to help. Whatever we're doing, he has to be right there. Like today: We were emptying the paper shredder in to grocery bags, and Blake put his had in there and grabbed a HUGE handful to put into the bag. But missed. It went all over the carpet! It was really cute that he wanted to help! And he cleaned up after himself too! picked up one shred at a time and put it in the bag, and then after we were finished he helped vacuum too!

Trent has been staying busy with work. And then I keep him busy with camping on the weekends! It's been great fun. And when he has some down time, he spends it in the garage working on his project truck. Thats the before picture, and here are some during. More will definately follow, because he has A LOT planned for this thing!

Blake and I went to Salt Lake last weekend for a quick visit. It was Cousin Jay Jay's birthday last week and we all went to the Hoogle Zoo. We had a great time - it was hot, but all the kids did fairly well. Here are some picts - I didn't realize how many I didn't get but here ya go anyways. Also - HERE are some of his first haircut from my friend Bridget while we were there. He did pretty good considering I was pinning him down by his arms.

Well, bored yet with our update? To bad - you started reading. Just kidding, I'm done!
So I can't promise an update on a regular basis this summer. We have camping and many a jewelry parties to do, But even if it's one liners linking you to our amazing pictures, that's good enough right?
C'ya on the flip side!

Apr 21, 2009

a month to look over

Wow! that's all I can say...... Has it really been a month since I blogged? Sorry to all my faithful readers (all 3 or 4 of you!)

So in the past month..... let me see......

Trent was sick - and I mean down in bed sick - for 2 of the 4 weeks.

I had a cold the weekend of Blake's birthday. It got so bad I completely lost my voice. Yeah, try that on for size! Trying to host a birthday party with a bunch of screaming kids running around the church. Fun - and funny - just ask everyone who came! Me jumping up and down waiving my arms like a loon trying to get everyone's attention. yeah that's right... laugh it up... got that off your chest? good. I'm glad I could be of some amusement.

And as for Blake - he got the cold right after I did, and just about has it kicked.

Let's hope we are done with that bad air around here for a while!

Anyways, what else? Oh! We went camping over Easter and ditzy me - I forgot our camera. - sorry - but my friend took a bunch so as soon as I get them - they will be up in Facebook for your pure enjoyment! (Thanks Ash!) Anywhoo! We went to Lundbreck Falls, which is about an hour and a half drive from Lethbridge.It was fun. We took our pedal bikes, hung out by the camp fire and burned 2 big boxes of paper our Tim and Ashlee had in their garage. - yes, it was a big fire! The weather was good- a little chilly and windy but what more can you expect from Southern Alberta - it's rough. lol

Lets see - Blake is learning more and more sign language. He can say Please , thank you, and more - Still haven't gotten videos of the last 2 but I will work on that! Hopefully I can get him to do a few more signs to tell me what he wants - he's awesome at please! and so cute!

Now that Trent is feeling better and back to work - I can really focus on something I picked up on the side. I now sell Lia Sophia Jewelry!!! I am so excited! I have done 1 party already and have 3 more lined up in the next 3 weeks. I just love the jewelry and everyone I have talked to about it is so excited that it is finally here in Canada! It opened here a few weeks ago, and I jumped on the band wagon as fast as I could get to the farm! (lol - I know that was a lame joke - but hey, at least I can admit it!) So thanks to my sister, Traci, for introducing it to me a year ago! I can now satisfy my fettish! oh boy! watch out credit limit! Visa is going to LOVE me!

Well, other than that we are just plugging along! Planning our summer full of camping, a trip to Utah, camping, parties - for the jewelry silly!!! and lots more stuff! oh did I mention camping? yeah... I think I did. Good. :)
I will try to get a few more posts in but with all that camping and jewelry and stuff ... Well I will try to squeeze in a few minutes. :) :)

Love you all and BLOG ON!

Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake!

Yes, it has really been a year since I brought my sweet little guy home! I can't believe it. Time just goes to fast. Yesterday was Blake's birthday. I decided not to post this yesterday and spend the day with him - but hey! Today marks 1 year since he came home, so it's significant. :) So, my parents were able to come this last weekend for Blake's birthday bash - we had a big shin-dig at the church with some friends and family. Thanks again for all the great gifts - He's such a spoiled kid!

Over the last year, Blake has been the joy of our lives! We have had so much fun. He is such a good kid (I'll take a crappy, 9 sick months to have such a good baby again! *Hint Hint Heavenly Father and my waiting children!!) He is a quick learner too - I took him to the Dr. the other day for his 1 year checkup and they couldn't believe that he has been walking for over a month. The love we have for him is so indescribable! I'm sure all you parents out there understand that! I am so grateful to be a mom, and to raise one of Heavenly Father's most precious children.

Happy Birthday Blake!

We love you more than words can say!

The day we brought you home!
One year later!

These are at your birthday party!

You had so much fun eating your cookie, cake and ice cream! You love it!

Birthday Boy!

Mar 18, 2009

Family Pictures

I love getting family pictures done! And it helps that I have a cute kid and an amazing photographer! Thanks to Baker Photography! To see the pictures click at the link to the left or here! Enjoy!

Mar 11, 2009

Say Please!

Yes, I know that most of my posts are all about Blake! But what mother doesn't like to brag about her kids!?

To let you know - Trent is doing great - just bought himself a brand new bow for this upcoming hunting season. He said he wanted to make sure he was ready for it so he bought the bow 6 MONTHS EARLY! sheesh! just kidding! I know he's going to bring home a nice moose or elk for some good eatin'

As for me - Same ol' same ol' I just love being a mom - Hanging out with Blake all day - except for when I take some ME time and go to the gym.
Speaking of which: I am headed back to the work force. Just 2 mornings a week for 5 or 6 hours - at the gym. Which means that Blake gets to come with! So no day care or babysitters! He can play in Childminding at the gym the whole time I'm working. We'll try it out for a month or two, see how is goes.

Blake is turning one in just under 2 weeks! I can't believe it! My baby isn't going to be a baby anymore!!... :( When do they start calling them toddlers? oh man!

Ok so back to origin of the title: here's a cute little video I took this morning of my growing boy!

Feb 27, 2009

Any Opposed?

Last Sunday was Ward Conference in our ward. It was a buzy day packed with meetings and "special visitors" in primary! Blake, as always, was great for both Trent and Me with how buzy we were.
But, before all the fun began with me in primary making sure everything went smoothly, and Trent running around for the Bishop - gimped -(he sprained his ankle) - Blake thought he would give us a good laugh to make our day that much better!
We are sitting in Sacrament meeting, Trent was holding Blake - his back to me - and one of the Stake presidency members was doing the sustainings for our ward.
So obviously, we start with President Monson -"all those in Favor?"
Trent raises his hand.
(Blake had this look on his face that said "What IS he doing?")
And all the sudden "any opposed?"
Blake raises his hand.
We kinda just chuckled - didn't think anything of it.
The next one comes - the quorum of the 12 - "all in Favor?"
We raise our hands
"Any opposed?"
Blake raises his hand!!!
It was so funny - It was right on cue to oppose but he was just following Trent's lead! And I kid you NOT! He did it about 6 or 7 times!
Where's my camera when I need it!?!?!? We were trying so hard not to laugh - or conceal our outbursts is more like it!
It was one of those things that will just make your day!
I tried to get a picture earlier of him raising his hand, but he wouldn't allow it.
"You better catch it the first time Mom cuz I'm not a repeating actor!"

Feb 7, 2009

So, as you can tell this whole writing more than twice a month thing is hard for me! I guess I just don't think that I can write about all of Blake's Big poops! or I stayed home all day with a snot nose teething little boy who kept me up ALL night long. But, oh the joys of being a mom! I love him more than I can explain, and I wouldn't trade him or the opportunity for a million bucks!

The first part of January, Blake and I, along with Ashlee and Kinsey, started a baby massage course. I'm glad I did it I learned a ton! But a word of advice for all you mom's out there who would like to try: do it before your baby learns how to crawl - or in my case learning to walk! It was fun, but Blake was all over the place, wanting to play with the oil, or getting the other kids' toys. But when all said and done, with the 5 week course it was great. I got to spend that one on one time with Blake that everyday life (or being at home with the computer, tv, or my book) doesn't allow! And, hey! On the subject of poops - the stomach massage really helps those little guys work it out! lol

So now that it's over I'm gonna have to plan that one on one time again - maybe take him swimming or something like that. Good thing it's almost Spring!

Jan 6, 2009

He's growing so fast!

So, we are gonna try this video thing out! This is for Auntie Erin and Uncle Eric!

They bought Blake a Walk n' Ride scooter for Christmas. We decided to leave it in the box until we got home on the 28th of December and this video is just a few days later. It only took him two or three days to learn! He's such a smart kid!

Thanks Auntie and Erc!

Jan 3, 2009

WOW! Time flies!

Is it really January already?? This is just to crazy!! This last month went by so fast and I'm really behind on updating this thing! Well, a quick review and we'll start fresh with the new year!

Blake and I got to have an extended stay in Salt Lake for Christmas! It was a great 3 whole weeks at home with my family. Blake got sick the second week we were there so Grandpa and me didn't get to much sleep that week! But he's doing much better now and yes, the tooth is almost through! Trent joined us in SLC on the 21st, and we had a very busy Christmas week. We got to see Santa, went to a movie as a whole family with the Andersons - a Christmas Eve tradition - got to see some great friends that I haven't seen for so long! and some that I am sure to see everytime I visit- (sorry I missed you this time Nat!) and just had a great time with the family! I miss you guys already!
Well, now that we are home - and the trip home was crazy with the roads - just a good thing we were in a truck hey?! The New Year is already here and 3 days past! it's so weird that Blake is now 9 months old. Time really does fly!
So, I'm not really into New Years resolutions but I HAD to make one -or two - this year. I am bound and determined that my 9 month old son WILL sleep through the night. And so far so good! It's only been 6 nights! but we are 6 for 6! wish me more luck!!
Well, how bout this - for a second one I will try to update this thing more than once a month - or in my case the last little while every 2!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Years! Check the links to the left for all the pictures (this takes to long!)

Blog on!