Jun 6, 2009

Knock, Knock?

Tara, are you there? Hellooooo!? Tara? where are you?

That is probably what a lot of you if not all have been saying to me the past.. what? Month and a half? yeesh! Sorry faithfuls! I update facebook quite often, but that only takes a few minutes. This I have to try to come up with something witty or cute . So, bloggers block you ask? Yeah, I'd say!

So, in the last month or so.... I have been staying really busy with Lia Sophia Jewelry. And loving every minute! I get to see all the different pieces that people buy, and then open my day planner to my "To Do/Get" list, and add yet another item - or five.
Let's see.....I got a new calling *sob/smile* After 5 years serving in the Primary - first being the Chorister for 8 or so months, then 2nd counselor in the Presidency for 2 years, and then as President for another 2. I am now the Education counselor in the Relief Society. I am sad to leave the Primary - believe me I bawled! - but I am so excited for the change and the growth! We just got new Sunday School teachers, so that is going to be exciting, and now I get to work with all the moms of those precious children of God that I grew to love.
I'm nervous. I haven't been there for 5 years! What if I'm not a good adult kind of leader? I work really well with the kids - and if I ever had to wing it, the kids never even knew the difference. Oh boy.... What if I don't have the ability to help lead our relief society where the bishop and RS pres wants it to go? I know that change is good. For everyone. Me, the children, the women in our ward, my family. And I know the Lord knows what he's doing, but I feel like I don't!

Blake is growing and learning so fast. No words yet, but he knows what we are saying, and he's starting to "mock" us. He just had his 12th tooth come in this last week! All four molars are in and as big and painful for those little gums as ever! I'm just glad we don't remember that pain. He's running around, trying to walk down the stairs instead of slide, and he loves to help. Whatever we're doing, he has to be right there. Like today: We were emptying the paper shredder in to grocery bags, and Blake put his had in there and grabbed a HUGE handful to put into the bag. But missed. It went all over the carpet! It was really cute that he wanted to help! And he cleaned up after himself too! picked up one shred at a time and put it in the bag, and then after we were finished he helped vacuum too!

Trent has been staying busy with work. And then I keep him busy with camping on the weekends! It's been great fun. And when he has some down time, he spends it in the garage working on his project truck. Thats the before picture, and here are some during. More will definately follow, because he has A LOT planned for this thing!

Blake and I went to Salt Lake last weekend for a quick visit. It was Cousin Jay Jay's birthday last week and we all went to the Hoogle Zoo. We had a great time - it was hot, but all the kids did fairly well. Here are some picts - I didn't realize how many I didn't get but here ya go anyways. Also - HERE are some of his first haircut from my friend Bridget while we were there. He did pretty good considering I was pinning him down by his arms.

Well, bored yet with our update? To bad - you started reading. Just kidding, I'm done!
So I can't promise an update on a regular basis this summer. We have camping and many a jewelry parties to do, But even if it's one liners linking you to our amazing pictures, that's good enough right?
C'ya on the flip side!


Lynn said...

Cute hair cut!

Congrats on the newest calling! I have a feeling that you will do AWESOME! The women will love ya'. : D

alfburg03 said...

Tara it is so fun to read about you. It has been forever, but it is good to know you and your family are doing well. You will be awesome in your new calling. You totaly made me miss my time as Primary chorister. :( Those kids are just so darn cute! Well keep writing. I love reading.


Tara, I miss you friend! I love you!!! My blog is ourbuhlerlife.blogspot.com