Feb 7, 2009

So, as you can tell this whole writing more than twice a month thing is hard for me! I guess I just don't think that I can write about all of Blake's Big poops! or I stayed home all day with a snot nose teething little boy who kept me up ALL night long. But, oh the joys of being a mom! I love him more than I can explain, and I wouldn't trade him or the opportunity for a million bucks!

The first part of January, Blake and I, along with Ashlee and Kinsey, started a baby massage course. I'm glad I did it I learned a ton! But a word of advice for all you mom's out there who would like to try: do it before your baby learns how to crawl - or in my case learning to walk! It was fun, but Blake was all over the place, wanting to play with the oil, or getting the other kids' toys. But when all said and done, with the 5 week course it was great. I got to spend that one on one time with Blake that everyday life (or being at home with the computer, tv, or my book) doesn't allow! And, hey! On the subject of poops - the stomach massage really helps those little guys work it out! lol

So now that it's over I'm gonna have to plan that one on one time again - maybe take him swimming or something like that. Good thing it's almost Spring!


Lynn said...

Oh that is a good idea! Continuing the one on one times with him. Love the massage idea. Wish that one was around a few years back.
I use to phone up the local library and find out when they had their little mini workshops or presentations for kids. It was ALL free. And it went from ages 6 months Plus. All different classes for all different ages.. Check it out. Puppeteers to plays to just plain good reading stories. My kids loved them.

TnT-B. Rasmussen said...

Thanks Lynn! I've heard about Rythme time at the Boys and Girls club too. I'll have to check them all out!

Three Little Boys and One Little Girl said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great. I am so happy for you.