Feb 27, 2009

Any Opposed?

Last Sunday was Ward Conference in our ward. It was a buzy day packed with meetings and "special visitors" in primary! Blake, as always, was great for both Trent and Me with how buzy we were.
But, before all the fun began with me in primary making sure everything went smoothly, and Trent running around for the Bishop - gimped -(he sprained his ankle) - Blake thought he would give us a good laugh to make our day that much better!
We are sitting in Sacrament meeting, Trent was holding Blake - his back to me - and one of the Stake presidency members was doing the sustainings for our ward.
So obviously, we start with President Monson -"all those in Favor?"
Trent raises his hand.
(Blake had this look on his face that said "What IS he doing?")
And all the sudden "any opposed?"
Blake raises his hand.
We kinda just chuckled - didn't think anything of it.
The next one comes - the quorum of the 12 - "all in Favor?"
We raise our hands
"Any opposed?"
Blake raises his hand!!!
It was so funny - It was right on cue to oppose but he was just following Trent's lead! And I kid you NOT! He did it about 6 or 7 times!
Where's my camera when I need it!?!?!? We were trying so hard not to laugh - or conceal our outbursts is more like it!
It was one of those things that will just make your day!
I tried to get a picture earlier of him raising his hand, but he wouldn't allow it.
"You better catch it the first time Mom cuz I'm not a repeating actor!"


Lynn said...

LOL! Cute story for his baby book.

Jess said...

haha! my friend's baby did the same thing in our ward.. except that we just kept our laughing to a quiet and slightly irreverent level.. even our bishop was laughing! kids are so funny!

Julie Allred said...

Oh what a little cutie!! I miss him so much=) I can't believe he is almost one!! Where has the time gone??

kyleandtaryn said...

Cute story! Claire is at the copy-cat stage too, it's so much fun!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Awe! We love Blake! He's getting too big. I'm just looking at your picture at the top of your blog and he's changed SO MUCH since then.