Jan 3, 2009

WOW! Time flies!

Is it really January already?? This is just to crazy!! This last month went by so fast and I'm really behind on updating this thing! Well, a quick review and we'll start fresh with the new year!

Blake and I got to have an extended stay in Salt Lake for Christmas! It was a great 3 whole weeks at home with my family. Blake got sick the second week we were there so Grandpa and me didn't get to much sleep that week! But he's doing much better now and yes, the tooth is almost through! Trent joined us in SLC on the 21st, and we had a very busy Christmas week. We got to see Santa, went to a movie as a whole family with the Andersons - a Christmas Eve tradition - got to see some great friends that I haven't seen for so long! and some that I am sure to see everytime I visit- (sorry I missed you this time Nat!) and just had a great time with the family! I miss you guys already!
Well, now that we are home - and the trip home was crazy with the roads - just a good thing we were in a truck hey?! The New Year is already here and 3 days past! it's so weird that Blake is now 9 months old. Time really does fly!
So, I'm not really into New Years resolutions but I HAD to make one -or two - this year. I am bound and determined that my 9 month old son WILL sleep through the night. And so far so good! It's only been 6 nights! but we are 6 for 6! wish me more luck!!
Well, how bout this - for a second one I will try to update this thing more than once a month - or in my case the last little while every 2!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a fabulous New Years! Check the links to the left for all the pictures (this takes to long!)

Blog on!


Lynn said...

YAY! An update! : D

Sounds like it was a great Christmas with family and friends.

What a cute little man you have. I bet even through all the sleepless nights (looks like there won't be any more of those soon....Great job! Hope his tooth comes in real soon for him) that one can't help but smile and give him smooches all the time.


About the Rasmussen family said...

your family pic. is so cute .. what a cute little guy you have...

Tim and Ashlee said...

We're glad you guys are back. Kinsey was missing Blake! And sleeping through the night...ugh. Kinsey and I were up a million times last night. Sheesh!