Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake!

Yes, it has really been a year since I brought my sweet little guy home! I can't believe it. Time just goes to fast. Yesterday was Blake's birthday. I decided not to post this yesterday and spend the day with him - but hey! Today marks 1 year since he came home, so it's significant. :) So, my parents were able to come this last weekend for Blake's birthday bash - we had a big shin-dig at the church with some friends and family. Thanks again for all the great gifts - He's such a spoiled kid!

Over the last year, Blake has been the joy of our lives! We have had so much fun. He is such a good kid (I'll take a crappy, 9 sick months to have such a good baby again! *Hint Hint Heavenly Father and my waiting children!!) He is a quick learner too - I took him to the Dr. the other day for his 1 year checkup and they couldn't believe that he has been walking for over a month. The love we have for him is so indescribable! I'm sure all you parents out there understand that! I am so grateful to be a mom, and to raise one of Heavenly Father's most precious children.

Happy Birthday Blake!

We love you more than words can say!

The day we brought you home!
One year later!

These are at your birthday party!

You had so much fun eating your cookie, cake and ice cream! You love it!

Birthday Boy!


Tim and Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Blake! We love you!!!

Lynn said...

SOoooo many milestones happen in the first year! It is SO cool!

What a wonderful tribute to your son.


The Walker Family said...

K the pic of him winking totally reminds me of you!

Lauren and Christopher said...

HAppy late birthday little Blake!
He is such a little cutie. I can remember Erin telling me you had him, man time does fly. He's so sweet.