Aug 22, 2010

Our free time

So check out the August 2010 pictures. I just updated them with a few of our free time pics. - spent quading in the pasture and around the farm in Cardston. We just love our new ride!
Also, some geocaching pictures-have you ever done it? No!?!?! You have to try it! Our good friends Tim and Ashlee got us into it and we love it! We placed some of our own (in some of the earlier month's pictures - on the left.) It's a world wide treasure hunt - so no matter where you live, there's geocaches - guarenteed!

Hopefully, we get a few more weekends to play! Enjoy!


Tim and Ashlee said...

Love all the quading! So excited to get together this weekend! Yipee!

The Sweets said...

Your kids are darling! It sounds like you're doing well and having lots of fun with that cute little girl! It's fun to see how you've been!