Aug 22, 2010

Our free time

So check out the August 2010 pictures. I just updated them with a few of our free time pics. - spent quading in the pasture and around the farm in Cardston. We just love our new ride!
Also, some geocaching pictures-have you ever done it? No!?!?! You have to try it! Our good friends Tim and Ashlee got us into it and we love it! We placed some of our own (in some of the earlier month's pictures - on the left.) It's a world wide treasure hunt - so no matter where you live, there's geocaches - guarenteed!

Hopefully, we get a few more weekends to play! Enjoy!

Aug 18, 2010

Welcome to My blog.... BACK to my blog

HI!! did you know that I have a blog? Really? You did?? WOW! It must have slipped my mind...
It's been well over a year, and we've had a very eventful one.
Last summer we spent the summer playing and camping.
We took a trip to Utah for Labor Weekend, and spent sometime at Bear Lake and a Family reunion. I forget how much I love that annual tradition!! So fun!
In September, I also started assistant coaching cheerleading for our University here in Lethbridge. I absolutely loved it! The girls were so fun, and I got to help out with something that I love!
In October we went to our annual ward Relief Society Retreat - I had such a fun time helping to plan and carry it out. I really miss being in the presidency!! It was a blast.
In November we found out that baby #2 was on the way! I wan't nearly as sick as I was last time through it - which was wonderful! The pregnancy went a whole lot smoother - no kidney stones this time! yah for me!
I also started working at GoodLife Fitness clubs again - but this time as the Club administrator. Nice relax kind of job and I got to take Blake in with me. He played in Childminding for a few hours every morning, which gave me a bit of a break!
December is December - lots of Christmas celebrations!
January is January - cold, boring and blah. ;)
February, as most of you know, Brother (a.k.a Greg - Nate's "little brother" :)) got married- That was a fun quick trip down.
In March we celebrated Blake's 2nd birthday - Mom and Dad came for a few days to help celebrate! I absolutely adore my little bubba and can't believe how big he's getting!
April was easter time! We took a trip to Fairmont Hotsprings in B.C. Natural hot springs! it was awesome!
May started CAMPING SEASON!!! - Lundbreck Falls for my birthday, Carbondale for our 7th anniversary! I love that time of year! Oh and Lots of Rain!
June - WOW June. Lets see - more camping, we got us a quad, and a new car - a red 2008 Ford Edge. And my last bit of work, and getting ready for baby! Oh and Lots of Rain.
And then came July! And our beautiful baby girl Alexa Louise! She's a spitten image of her daddy, and a chunker - that's my nickname for her right now because she eats like crazy and she's all cheeks and thighs! haha - She's adorable! She joined our family on July 9th and has been a blessing ever since. I love being a mommy!
And that brings August. Parades and quading, and rain storms, and we'll see how the last of it goes.
I still keep busy with the jewelry business - but of course, I took the month of July off for the baby and I'm getting ready to get back into it!!
Well- now that You've gotten the last year of the Rasmussen life, make sure you check out all the pics on the side to get a visual.
I can't promise anything, but I will try to do better (I know-I've said that before. Let's just see how this thing pans out!
Peace out