Aug 31, 2008

The New Project

So, Trent decided that he wanted a project. "So let's brainstorm" he says. What ideas can we come up with for a project?
- Clean his garage
- Flip the axle on the travel trailer
- Clean the carpet in the living room and upper level

"Nope, not good enough" he says.
"Ok,Ok, I give... What kind of project do you want?"
- A new reloading bench
- New benches for his "untidy" garage

Nope, not even close. A 1979 Ford Ranger? Dare I even ask!!!

Alright, as long as he got a good deal! I'm Ok with that! He's got all these dreams and plans for it, BUUUUT I think we'll take it one step at a time!

Nice Ride Trent! Nice Ride!

Aug 26, 2008

Tuesday Tell All- Back to school!

Well in light of it being Tuesday (and I am taking a break from my infatuation with the Twilight Saga) I thought that I would comment on the subject the T.T.A. folks put up.
  1. Earliest memory of School: Believe it or not, I actually remember pre-school! I went to the Rosenlof's house just down the street from mine! I rode my bike down everyday! I had it in the afternoon. I can honestly remember a tid-bit from every grade. Crazy memory!
  2. What I loved about the first week of school: The thing that I loved most was I got to wear a new outfit everyday of that first week! I always tried to do my hair differently too. The second week I dreaded the most cuz all my new clothes were all dirty and even if they were clean, it would be a fo-passe to wear it again! So back to all my old ones. Blah!
  3. My favorite teacher (s): Which school? Elementary: definately Miss Evans - 2nd grade She was awesome! Junior High: Mr. Geertson, my P.E. and Geography teacher - which by the way I am still in contact with - Hey Geerty! High School: My drill coachs cuz that was definately the best subject ever! Hey Terah and Kristy!
  4. My favorite subject: History by far! and then of course my one true love of learning - dance!
  5. My favorite playground game: Well, in high school, I didn't get much playground time *giggle*but I would definately have to say kickball and softball. I even played Rec softball, and kickball in the circle just down from my house with all the neighbor kids!

Aug 25, 2008


So... my posts went backward! I started one on the 20th (and it took forever to finish!) and it published it in the wrong order! So make sure you look at "I'm Gettin' There" first and then "Playing Catch Up" Silly technology!

Aug 22, 2008

I'm gettin there - I promise!

So I know I have been way slackin on this whole posting thing, but I promise I have a novel in the works as we speak - no scratch that - as we type! It's coming full of wonderful pictures and some short but very detailed stories of the past few weeks! But I'm getting there - I promise!!!
To be continued.....

Aug 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up

WOW!! Playing Catch Up isn't nearly the right words that I should use! I am such a slacker... So here is the last month - I'll keep it as short as I can - but your know me! I'm full of details!

So....after the whole kidney stone episode - which I am glad to say is now completely gone! YIPEE! - I recovered for a few days and then off to Kalispell we headed. We did some shoppin - bought us a new digital camera, a new area rug for our front room which was greatly needed, and the few odds and ends sort of things! We also met up with some friends at one of the lakes just outside of Kalispell. We had a blast - they let us try out wake surfing - which by the way is AWESOME!! Try it! You have to! We played some Rock Band and lit fireworks! It was wicked fun and we are so thankful to have such great friends!

Wake Surfing! So fun!

And with that, July 2008 was out for the count!

So - beginning of August: We headed out to Stirling to do a bit'a swimming at the Nilsson casa, and Blake started to get a really red eye - and then.... Came the GOUPE!! Yep! You guessed it! Pink eye! It was so sad. He looked miserable, could hardly sleep, and when he did, he woke up with his eyes practically glued shut! It was the sadest thing for a little guy like him to endure! I took him to the doc and got some drops to help and in about 3 days flat - it was gone! I have some extra drops though just in case!

August Long - In Alberta anyways - We headed out to Payne Lake with Tarren, Tim, Ashlee, soon to be Baby Nilsson, Julie, Kendall, and Kyla. Trent, Tim, and Kendall did a bit'a fishin, but came back with a little dinky thing that looked like a fish, but I swear was a mino! (for those of you who don't know what that is - it's a baby fish :) ) Trent always says that he doesn't believe that there is any fish in that lake - but I'm beginning to think that it's the fishermen - note the plural. Just kidding
Anyways, as usual when we all get together - there's definately some shootin' going on. We went and did a bit of gopher hunting on Grandpa Broadhead's land, got a nice sunburn on the right side of my legs, and got some yummy ice cream from the only convienience store in Mountain View. And back to camp we headed for some eatin's and good ol' Roman Candle fireworks! We had to head out early Tuesday morning, because somehow - the bills gotta get paid!! It was a great weekend planned on such short notice!

Well, then came 08-08-08! Trent's 10 year high school reunion! AAHH He couldn't believe it! Thank goodness I still have 4 years to work up the courage to go to mine!

After a great dinner and some long needed visiting with old friends, Trent and I headed to the ig SLC for Baby Erin's WEDDING!! another AAHH! The whole week there as Fabulous! We were jammed pack!

Saturday 08-09 - the fam was so kind as to throw Erin and I a "Bridal/Baby" Shower. Tons of great games and great gift for Blake! *Thanks so much fam! Miss you all!*
And then off to the temple for Erin's Endowment and some eternity wrapped things up! Let me explain! Erin got to share the day of her endowment with my Grandma Coburn! We did her endowment as well, and then had my Papa Jay and G-ma sealed together - which was followed by my mom - which also includes the rest of us - sealed to them as well! It was an amazing day and my testimony gets stronger and stronger every time I think about it.
Then on to wedding stuff for the next 4 days! It was amazing! Congratulations E & E!!
Love you both!

After that came on full and flat out Chill-axin! We hung around the house the next few days doing stuff as a family! Went and looked at 5th wheels with my folks, went to the Brothers' Blue and White football game! Go Greg!!! Go Nate!!! And did some visiting with some old friends from Trent's mission!
All in all - with quite a few details left out- it was a great week and so hard to leave!

The whole Fam! Love you all

Well, we figured to end our August what better way do it then to.... Go CAMPING! (I know surprise surpirse right!?) And so convieniently, It was the Montey Rasmussen Family Safari Reunion! It was great fun! Went on a hunting trip (with stuffed animals - good Idea Ty!), did some fishing, played some animal Charades, and stayed up til all hours of the night talking!

What a great way to end August!!!

The campsite!

Blake's tagged Animal for the hunt

And the whole Rasmussen family - minus 3!

Well! now that I officially have writers cramp - make sure you check out the picture links to facebook to check out more photos of our summer so far!

Enjoy and once again - BLOG AWAY!