Jun 24, 2008

A week in Review

Well! It's been a while! I'm a slacker, I know.

First- Our Summer of Camping has been good. A couple weekends ago, we headed off with the Nilsson Clan to Woolford National Park. Nothing to spectacular, but hey - it was cheap and close! Our Camp Site!

We couldn't do much, so we just hung out Friday night around the site - it was quite windy! And then Saturday we headed into Cardston to meet up with the Allred Clan for lunch (we miss the Allred Clan!) Well, as most of you know, our 3 men really, REALLY like guns and shooting stuff so - we went out to the M & M Rasmussen farm - aka Trent's parents - to find some gophers. And find them we did! I bet you those 3 maniacs shot close to 200 gophers, and didn't even touch a quarter of the population!

There's Trent, Kendall, and Tim

while Julie, Ashlee, and I drove them around the fields.

Like I said, it was nothing to spectacular, but at least we got away for a few days! Gotta save up for the big trip to Kalispell.

And Secondly:

Well, we HAD plans to go camping again last weekend, but that fell through - no thanks to me!! Last Wednesday morning I woke up with some major pains in my left kidney and nausea! Now, I had kidney stone problems when I was pregnant - which I am told is very prominant in pregos - so any of ya out there - watch out! Anyways - this pain felt the exact same, except in the opposite kidney! Well, off to the medicine cabinet I went to grab the heat bag and some tylenol to see if I could get it under control, and it actually worked......until Thursday morning that is! Around 2 a.m. it all started again. And this time there was no stopping it! I could hardly sleep, I was sick to my stomach, and couldn't keep anything down - not even water! So around 10:30 I called the Dr and got in that afternoon. He immediately admitted me into the hospital where I spent a very lovely weekend .... *sense the sarcasim?* They hooked me up to IV's to get fluids in me so I would stop "losing my breakfast" and get the pain under control. I was scheduled for an ultrasound Friday morning - which by the way I STILL do not have the results from and here it is Tuesday! - And then Saturday morning the doctor told me that I could either sit there all weekend or go home. By this time, I was back to eating solid foods and drinking regular fluids, so I decided I would like it much more to be able to rest in my own home and lift my son without a stinkin' needle in my arm! Do you know how hard that is!?!? Trent was really great through all of it - took a couple days off work to help take care of me and Blake. Which by the way, Blake LOVED hanging out with his daddy for a few days! Trent even slept on the dumb Chair Cot the hospital gives to the loved ones staying with us sicklings.

So, as of right now, I am playing the waiting game until they can figure out what the heck was wrong with me!

So, now that I've typed your eyes out - I will leave you wil a little pic of Blake hanging out with me on the hospital bed. The only pic we took in the hospital - you DON'T want to see the sight! TTFN!

Jun 9, 2008

The New Addition!

Well everyone! A week and a half early, our new addition has arrived! Meet The Real McCoy! He was born late on Friday night - June 6, 2008! A colt - just what Trent wanted! He is (as you can see) a beautiful Bey. No markings at all, but his back right hoof is white - meaning a possible sock, but highly doubtful.

So here's how the news unfolded to us: Montey (Trent's dad) called us EARLY Saturday morning to tell us the great news. He hadn't gotten her into the barn yet as she wasn't due until the 18th. So it was a quick "you've got a colt! gotta go!" Trent and I layed in bed talking about how excited we are and trying to think of a name - which by the way, is 10 times easiler than naming a child! We decided that we wanted to stick with the M names and also with a bit'a western. Just laying there, pondering - all the sudden Trent said "McCoy!" and it stuck! So the registered name will be The Real McCoy but will go by just McCoy.

We headed out to Cardston Saturday afternoon to meet our long awaited friend - and of course clean out a box stall so Momma and baby had a nice dry place to get settled. Monique was really great - very protective which is normal, but she didn't seem to mind to much if we got close. McCoy is incredibly friendly. And so soft! He has a nice Arabian trait with a dished head - lets just hope he gets his Sire's mane and not Monique's. Crossing my fingers - her's is so short and hardly managable! But I'm sure he will be beautiful!

If you Click the link HORSES under the pictures section - you can view more pics of McCoy.

So, now we are no longer Trent, Tara, Blake, 2 dogs, and 2 3/4 horses! Welcome #3: THE REAL MCCOY

Jun 5, 2008

Welcome Rasmussen's!

Hello there and Welcome us to the Blog! My sister gave me a guilt trip for not having a blog- and since she just joined facebook - I figured I better follow in her footsteps! So here we are. :)

A little about me and mine:

Trent and I were married in May 2003 in Cardston, Alberta, Canada and are now living in Lethbridge AB. For the first 2 years, we played- A LOT! Because I wasn't working, we would pick up and head to Cardston, where our horses are, and just ride, ride, ride. But then, I got my permanent residence - and to the work force I went.
We worked hard! We were both pulling 12 hour days, working weekends - but it all payed off and last April (early anniversary present to ourselves) we went to Hawaii for 10 days! It gorgeous and we will definately go back!
In June of last year we bought our first home and then in July, we found out that our family would be expanding - in a couple of ways - but just hold your horses! I will get to that~ Anyways, July 27 we found out I was pregnant! My due date was March 16, and our surprise came on March 23, 2008. We didn't find out the gender of our baby for a few reasons: Trent didn't want to, and I went through so much with the pregnancy that by week 19 when we went for the Ultrasound I decided that I needed the Surprise at the end! I was sicker than a dog, got hives and kidney stones, and ended up in the ER twice for dehydration - and yes I was taking care of myself...I PROMISE! Anyways, with all of that - I'd do it again, because Blake is the most amazing little baby! So content just to be with his Momma!
~oh and the next reason that we found our family would be expanding was my horse, Monique, is expecting a foal on June 18 - only a couple weeks to go! When the baby comes I will let you all know what we have and post some pics.
So, as of right now, we are loving life as a family of 3, with 2 dogs and 2 3/4 horses!!